[Since moving to FLL] Lorna talks more, laughs more, her posture has improved, she is standing more upright. Thankfully the earlier the depression is no longer evident.
Every one of us has noticed how much our mother has changed & it is a huge change for the better. We feel blessed that we have our mother in a facility where she is happy and is taken care of.
Everyone who sees mum has remarked on how much she has changed [since moving to FLL], how happy she appears to be – a huge change for the better.
— Leah Cooper (Lorna’s eldest daughter)
My wife resides in Forest Lake. We have lived together for 50 years and we did not want to be separated. Without an ACAT I was able to move into a room with my wife. I am very grateful with Forest Lake to allow me to stay with my wife.
— Alfred Ardent

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