Types of Care

Low and High Level Care

Permanent Low or High Level Care

If you are looking for a permanent place to live, you can rest assured that Forest Lake Lodge will help you to retain your rights under security of tender. This means your room will be your home for as long as it is appropriate for your care needs. We encourage residents and their families to decorate rooms with personal items, so residents feel comfortable in their new home. We can also cater for couples as we have a limited number of couple sized rooms. Your ACAT assessment will need to indicate permanent care approval.  Alternatively, if you are seeking a privately funded place Forest Lake Lodge can accommodate you. 

We understanding how unsettling moving to a care home can be, so we offer transitional arrangements to help you or your loved one get settled. This means that if you are not sure whether living in a care home environment is for you, we can offer you respite for your initial stay. This delays any decision on whether you wish to stay longer, until you have had an opportunity to experience our quality care and accommodation. 

Respite Care Low or High Level

We understand how hard it is to care for a loved one at home. We offer Low or High Level Respite care to give carers a break. We can provide up to 63 days each financial year of overnight care at our home for your loved one. We cater for a minimum stay of 14 days. Respite care may be extended by the ACAT assessment team, in periods of 21 days, if they find it necessary.

Transition Care

Transition Care

Transition care is for people currently in hospital but are too unwell to return home straight away. To access Transition Care your ACAT assessment has to fall under either Permanent/Respite Residential Care approval. If your ACAT assessment only has Flexible care – Transition care approval then your ACAT assessment will need to be updated to include the Permanent care options. Our Transitional Care provides for a stay longer than the 4 weeks.

Acute Long Stay Care

Our Acute Long Stay Care provides you or your loved ones the capacity to receive similar long term care as provided in Hospitals, but in the setting of a comfortable homelike environment. We cater for people who have suffered major trauma and medical conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Dialysis, Huntington’s, Enteral Feeding, Tracheotomy Care, Complex care needs and Complex wound Care. All people who enter Forest Lake Lodge under our Acute Care program must do so via Queensland Health or a Health Service from any state in Australia. We are one of the only providers who can cater for complex long term care in a homely environment.

Supporting People Suffering from Dementia 

We specialize in providing care for residents suffering from dementia. Our secure Memory Retreat has been specifically designed to cater for such residents and is available to those with an ACAT assessment for permanent care and dementia support. Forest Lake Lodge provides this care in an arrangement with the Geriatric Management Unit of the Royal Brisbane and Royal Woman’s Hospital, Princess Alexandra Older Persons Mental Health, Dementia Outreach Service, Dementia Services Australia, Geriatrician, Psycogeriatricians and the Park Mental Health.

Dementia Day Care – Giving carers a break

Coming soon! Details to be advised. However if you would like more information please email dobs@forestlakelodge.com.au.

Palliative Care

Forest Lake Lodge provides specialised palliative care for persons who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. We work closely with Palliative care services from QLD Health to ensure optimum quality of life in a homelike environment. We understand how difficult this can be for families and so also do our best to accommodate requests, such as the occasional overnight stay for loved ones.


We cannot thank the staff and management enough of Forest Lake Lodge for their overwhelming support of our service.  Since we have become their preferred after-hours provider, we have been welcomed with open arms and as part of the Forest Lake Lodge family.

It is lovely to walk into Forest Lake Lodge and see smiling and happy residents who always say hello and greet you with a smile and always made to feel welcome.  The Doctors, Clinical Managers, Nursing and administration team are simply outstanding and are doing a fantastic job with Forest Lake Lodge.  You can feel the warmth and care for the residents as soon as you walk in the door!  The facility itself is very peaceful and relaxing and we feel this is a true merit to all who make sure that every care and concern is given to every resident. 

We thank Forest Lake Lodge for entrusting the care of their residents in the after-hours to Hello Home Doctor Service 
— LISA DEMIDO 16.05.17