Rooms include:

Ensuite Bathroom Available

Some rooms have an ensuite bathroom others are shared 

Heating and Cooling Control

Control over heating and cooling

Rooms with Views

Local or courtyard views

Solar Boosted Heat & Electricity

Solar boosted hot water and electricity

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair accessible



Respite Care: Low and High respite care is government subsidised, therefore the RAD/DAP does not apply.

Concessional Residents:

Concessional resident accommodation payments will be fully or partially subsidised by the government.


Permanent High or Low Care:

Our Refundable Accommodation Deposit/Daily Accommodation Payment as shown below are negotiable.

(Room size excludes ensuite)

Classic Superior

Classic Superior: 19 m²

RAD $450,000 or DAP $73.48 or combination payment RAD/DAP of your choice

Classic Deluxe

Classic Deluxe: 10 m²

RAD $300,000 or DAP $48.99 or combination payment RAD/DAP of your choice


Classic:  11 m²

RAD $250,000 or DAP $40.82 or combination payment RAD/DAP of your choice

Comprehensive Care Inclusions:

24/7 RN

24/7 Registered Nurses

24/7 Help

Staff available to provide help at all times

Daily Activity Assistance

Assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, showering, dressing, and mobility

Medication Services

Assistance with medications

Fresh Meals

Meals cooked fresh on-site every day and refreshments, taking into account special dietary needs

Furnishings Included

Furnishings including chairs, over-bed tables, beds and bed linen, bath towels, face washers, soap, toiletries and continence aids for relevant residents

Laundry & Housekeeping

Laundry service, cleaning services and maintenance of buildings and grounds

Therapy Services

Therapy services including access to physiotherapy, speech pathologists, podiatry, mental health support with a psychogeriatrician

Lifestyle Programs

A generous lifestyle program Learn More.