To improve the lives of people requiring our assistance, by respecting their entire being and providing the best possible quality of life.

OUr Mission

To provide quality consumer centred care and services in an environmentally and financially sustainable, socially and culturally inclusive manner.


Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible Care

To identify and sustainably address areas that can be improved in care and accommodation.

To provide the best value for our clients.

To find and maintain the harmonious balance between financial, environmental and social
outcomes that will benefit present and future generations.

To ensure that the Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities
– Residential Care apply for our residents.


To provide quality care to residents through validated processes, investing in staff training and forward planning.
To provide a comfortable, safe and attractive built environment for our residents and tenants.
To offer desirable working conditions that attract and retain quality staff.
To invest in ventures and business activities which will increase profitability by increasing income and minimising expenditure.
To drive the efficiency of the business by measurably and actively reducing consumption (energy, water, waste and manpower).



Teamwork - we are all on the same side, delivering the best outcomes for all stakeholders by creating a mutually supportive environment.

Responsibility - we are each accountable for our actions; never blame others and we have the courage to speak up when actions are not aligned with our Mission and Values.

Understanding - we recognise we are all individuals and celebrate our differences.

Sustainability - measure, plan and act to quantifiably improve our impact on the environment.

Transformation - being innovative and creating an environment that welcomes new ideas and practices.