Vision - where we want to end up

To improve the lives of people requiring our assistance, by respecting their entire being and providing the best possible quality of life.

Mission - how we are going to get there

To provide quality consumer centred care and services in an environmentally and financially sustainable, socially and culturally inclusive manner.

Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible Care

Goals - targeted areas

Financial - To provide a springboard for growth and achieve being in the top 25% percentile of providers

Customer - Providing customer centric services whilst balancing competing demands

Learning & growth - Providing an innovative, measured, best in class service offering (trying new things and learn from experiences)

Internal/People - To grow a highly skilled, efficient and effective team that supports a culture of safety, dignity and respect

Values - how our employees act

Teamwork - we are all on the same side, delivering the best outcomes for all stakeholders by creating a mutually supportive environment.

Responsibility - we are each accountable for our actions; never blame others and we have the courage to speak up when actions are not aligned with our Mission and Values.

Understanding - we recognise we are all individuals and celebrate our differences.

Sustainability - measure, plan and act to quantifiably improve our impact on the environment.

Transformation - being innovative and creating an environment that welcomes new ideas and practices.