homemade is happiness menu

Fresh and tasty meals are fundamental lifestyle and overall happiness. We are extremely proud of the dining serve onsite every single day of the year.  We believe that everybody deserves to have choice, as well as their preferences heard. We choose not to charge you extra for food choices.

Daily Tea Time

Cooked fresh on site

We provide delectable hot, cold and vegetarian menu options at lunch and dinner. We serve a delicious dessert with both meals as well a supper 365 days a year. And just because we can, we also provide delicious freshly baked biscuits, muffins or scones every week for morning and afternoon tea.

Every meal is cooked with the love and care you would at home, with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat delivered fresh on site each week. Just like you, we only accept the freshest and the best quality as we believe you can taste the difference and our residents agree. 

The vegetables are so fresh they taste like you grew them in the garden! - Resident Joan Roaf 18.07.17

Fresh Vegetables

Menus designed for health and vitality

Chef created and inspired - Our full-time chefs are passionate about quality food and is dedicated to ensuring that food looks good and tastes great. 

Dietician enhanced - Menus are put together by a qualified dietician to ensure you get a fresh, balanced and healthy diet. 

Tailored to your needs - Your personal doctor is consulted to ensure that your diet is right for you.

Preferences - We understand that everybody doesn't like the same thing and others have allergies and intolerances. 

Healthy Meal Options

A little bit special

Join our world - Sharing food is central to many cultures. In addition to Australian favourites, Asian and European inspired dishes have been included in our menu to help you to ' Join our World' by sharing international food.

Sustainability - Our menu uses seasonal fresh produce which means that food is grown in the optimum climate so it is grows quicker, is healthier and tastes better. 

Food selections help us to minimise food waste and energy consumption. Every time a vegetarian option is chosen, you are contributing to reduced emissions and other negative environmental impacts such as land use and nitrogen run off.