Remember Lifestyle Programs

At Forest Lake Lodge we believe that it is important to help our residents to enjoy their lives and remain engaged. For residents in staying in Memory Retreat our inclusions are as follows:          


Montessori Lifestyle Program

Our Montessori lifestyle program has been created specifically for people who suffer from dementia and is run by our dedicated Wellness and Lifestyle team. You may have heard of Montessori in child care. In aged care we use this model of interaction to emphasise what people can do. This includes a highly successful music therapy and visits from therapy dogs.

Daily Exercise Programs

Research shows that regular exercise can slow and reduce dementia symptoms. We offer a daily exercise program to keep residents fit. Additionally, the Memory Retreat benefits from a long and clearly signed walking track to passively encourage residents to keep mobile and active. 

Gardening & Household Activities

The more you do for a person the more you take away from them. Many of our residents enjoy the option to participate in general household duties, such as gardening, folding clothes and and other meaningful activities people. This serves to assist people with maintaining mobility, dexterity and engagement with life in general. Whilst this is still new to Forest Lake Lodge, it is pleasing to see extremely positive results from the introduction of this program. 


Regular movies showing all the classics and new content.


Massage for relevant residents.


Freshly baked morning and afternoon tea each day. 

24/7 Visitation

24hr visiting rights to make it easy for loved ones to visit.

Optional Extras:

Onsite Concerts

Regular onsite live concerts.

Hairdressing Services

Hairdressing services.


Regular outings (e.g. to view local wildlife around the lake).

Entertainment Packages

Entertainment package including an electronic device or TV with access to more channels, internet content and video conference to connect with to loved one’s face to face.